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Article posted Jun 15 2006, 10:24 PM Print

Mohamed Atta & The Venice Flying Circus

Islamic extremist or intelligence operative?

Three of the four terrorist pilots learned to fly in tiny Venice, Florida, a sleepy retirement community with the second oldest population of any city in the entire United States... They attended flight schools owned by two Dutch nationals, one of whom has Mob ties...

Did 19 Arab terrorists from desert Kingdoms roam around in Florida as if they'd been listening to Tom Petty albums all their lives all by themselves? Or were they being trained here in a still-secret covert intelligence operation that somehow went horribly wrong?

"Mohamed Atta & the Venice Flying Circus" details our search for the answers to these questions..and more.

Mohamed Atta & The Venice Flying Circus

Mad Cow Productions

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Posted: Jul 30 2006, 1:56 PM

Mohamed Atta worked as a engineer for the Saudi ran oil company years before he was involved with 911.

Posted: Aug 21 2006, 10:55 AM

86108 Prior to 9-11 there were no security cameras at airports not to my recollection
You could purchase a ticket on the phone and pick it up without the need for
An ID and travel through out the USA, all of a sudden security cameras were
Installed to show the public those 19 so called terrorist.
The way I see it those 19 were employed by or government with or without
Their knowledge to create an enemy for the planners of the so called, Illuminati
Planners and this have been working for years with the bombing of US Embassies
In Africa and the high jacking of planes and always blaming the Islamic terrorist
I am a born again Muslim and before I was born again I feared God and in no way
I would kill a human being, how could I if I was forbidding by God to kill a bird
Or hunt an animal if it wasn’t for necessity.
Islam religion is very strict when it comes to killing, you can't even kill your enemy
If your government and your enemies have any kind of truce or a piece treaty, you
Can't even call for Jihad without the approval of your head of the country.
Every one over the age of ten knows disobeying these rules would send you straight
To hell.
Atta the ring leader he was nothing but a drug addict and in no way he was working for an Islamic cause, he probably didn't have any knowledge of what he was doing
Or have any knowledge that he was going to be killed and that's if he was killed.
There have being lots of killing going on and it's being blamed on Muslim's, I think
It would be wise to pick up a book about Islam to learn what this religion teaches, to know what's going on in this world, to find out the truth to learn how to live in piece
And harmony, piece with God your self and others.
I call on the people of the world to unite to stop those who spread hate and make us
Kill one another for no reason but for the rich to get richer and the power full to get
More power.
You want the truth, it's there on the net, if I with a sixth grade education can find
It, so could you.


Posted: Oct 17 2006, 12:32 AM

This film was made a while ago and info has changed since then and more is known, like Atta's father said he received a phone call from his son the next morning and was told not to worry and said he loved him. Atta's father also says the photos and film are fakes, and with no sound? One would think if one was going to send a message to the world that someone would make sure you could hear IT, which turned out was actually an excerpt from an already released documentary. All in time for elections. The people of all countries are probably good minded people but it's always the governments behind most all the distress in the world. Everyone must stop believing the governments are going to take care of you, they don't give a shit about us and if you can't see that then you won't see the bars around you will you. Time to change the money changers and get our republic back from the world crime syndicate, the world banks, the world government. We need to run our own worlds or we will perish from this planet. Stop letting someone else control your destiny, your will, your finances, your family, your sanity.

Posted: Dec 29 2006, 8:20 PM

142162 no mention of the fact that a number of those hijackers who showed up alive and gave interviews to european major television and newspapers.

Posted: Jul 15 2007, 4:08 AM

60234 Government is Meant to Govern. But now they Dictate what they want. This Documentary touches on this issue, the media has been a lie for so long that it doesn't know how to tell the truth. The politicians are now born again liars. The new elite are the Government.
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