Jeb Bush Wore High Heels To Look Taller Than Trump [Pic]
InformationLiberationFeb 14
If you thought Jeb Bush couldn't get any more pathetic, you were wrong.

A picture making the rounds from Saturday night's republican debate shows Jeb wore a pair of high heels to appear taller than Trump.

Both men are 6'3", but with these heels Jeb no doubt gave himself another 2 or 3 inches.

Nonetheless, he still got schlonged by Trump in the debate.

Trump Calls Out Bush WMD Lies: 'They Knew There Were None, They Lied'
InformationLiberationFeb 13

Trump is going HAM tonight...

From Real Clear Politics:
Donald Trump and Jeb Bush argue over Iraq, 9/11 and weapons of mass destruction at Saturday night's debate moderated by CBS News. Trump ... (more)

Scalia Found Dead At West Texas Ranch
San Antonio Express-NewsFeb 13
Associate Justice Antonin Scalia was found dead of apparent natural causes Saturday on a luxury resort in West Texas, federal officials said.

Scalia, 79, was a guest at the Cibolo Creek Ranch, a resort in the Big Bend region south of Marfa.

According to a report, Scalia arrived at the ranch on Friday and attended a private party with about 40 people. When he did not appear for breakfast, a person associated with the ranch went to his room and found a body.
... (more)
Ted Cruz: Honor Justice Scalia by Preventing Obama from Choosing His Replacement...
'I am an originalist. I am not a nut'...
Cause of death not immediately known...
McConnell: Vacancy should be, will be filled by NEXT president...
Dems demand vote...
'Massive Setback For Conservative Movement'...
Man of strong opinions...
Decades on Supreme Court...
Was set to decide first major abortion case in 10 years; Voting rights, affirmative action, immigration... MORE

WSJ Covers Free State Project: 'Can New Hampshire Become a Libertarian Utopia?'
Wall Street JournalFeb 13

A group called the Free State Project is trying to get 20,000 libertarians to move to New Hampshire to push for political and legal changes. Members say the state's "Live Free or Die" ethos makes it a prime location for the political experiment.

New York & California Move to Ban The Sale of Current iPhones Because They Protect Your Data
The Free Thought ProjectFeb 13
In January, state legislators from both California and New York introduced bills that would ban the retail sale of smartphones with full-disk encryption -- a technology designed to guarantee customers' digital data stored within a phone is only accessible to the devices owner.

After Edward Snowden's public disclosures of mass domestic surveillance in the U.S. and abroad, companies such as Google and Apple began to respond to a massive consumer demand for greater digital security.<
... (more)

VIDEO: Workers Rage After Being Told They're Losing Their Jobs to Mexico
CNNFeb 13

Workers at the Carrier manufacturing plant in Indianapolis were caught on video booing and jeering after being told that the plant would be relocated to Monterrey, Mexico. A YouTube video showed Chris Nelson, the company's president, delivering the news on Wednesday. The plant employs roughly 1,400 people.

Nelson said it was "strictly a business decision" that was
... (more)
Donald Trump On Ford, Carrier, Shipping Jobs To Mexico: ‘I’m The Only One Who Understands What’s Going On’...

Feds Push New Plan For Home Visits to Check On Parents
InfowarsFeb 13
The federal government is seeking to create a new bureaucracy that would intervene in family life and could even see state-appointed monitors conduct routine home visits to assess a child’s well-being.

The U.S. Department of Education and the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) has published a draft document which outlines a plan that will treat families as “equal partners” in the raising of children, opening the door for government intrusion at all levels.
... (more)

'15-Yr-Old Boy' Who Killed Swedish Social Worker Is Actually Somali-Born Adult
RTFeb 12
A Somali-born refugee charged with the murder of a Swedish social worker is not 15 years old, as previously believed, but is likely over 18, which means he could face trial in an adult court.

The new conclusion about the age of Youssaf Khaliif Nuur, who is accused of killing 22-year-old social worker Alexandra Mezher, is based on interviews a migration officer conducted with him after he had applied for residence and work permits, a spokesperson for Sweden’s migration agency s
... (more)

VIDEO: Australian Feminist Politician Gets Told Off After Accusing Opponent Of 'Mansplaining'
InformationLiberationFeb 12

After Senator Katy Gallagher accused Senator Mitch Fifield of "mansplaining," Fifield flipped the script on her, accused her of sexism, and asked how she would react if he accused her of "womansplaining."

Ted Nugent Replies 'Eat Me' to Critics of 'Anti-Semitic' Gun Control Post
MLiveFeb 12
A Feb. 8 Facebook post on the verified account for Michigan rocker and National Rifle Association Board of Directors member Ted Nugent. Ted Nugent's Facebook post features Israeli flags on a collage of the faces of 12 prominent Jewish Americans, and asks, "So who is really behind gun control?"

Thousands shared Nugent's Feb. 8 post that calls those pictured, former U.S. Senator Carl Levin among them, "punks" and says "they hate freedom."

In another post, Nugent
... (more)

Poll: Millennials Pick Socialism Over Capitalism
BreitbartFeb 12
A new survey from YouGov finds that millennials have more favorable views of socialism than of capitalism. As Santayana said, those who do not remember the past are condemned to repeat it. Less than two decades after socialism seemed to have been confined to the dust-heap of history, another generation may have to learn hard lessons.

The survey, taken at the end o
... (more)

The Draft-Nappers Are Back -- and This Time They Want Your Daughter
William Norman GriggFeb 12
Roughly a year ago, Nampa, Idaho resident Kenndrick Rose was appointed as a member of the local military enslavement soviet. That is an accurate, rather than official, description of the Canyon County Selective Service Board, which would be activated in the increasingly likely event that the Regime reinstates the odious practice of conscription.... (more)

Cop Filmed Shooting Unarmed Man After Wreck Charged With Manslaughter
Police State DailyFeb 12
More than two months after a California police officer was filmed shooting an unarmed man in the neck following a car wreck, he has finally been charged with involuntary manslaughter. In November, 26-year-old Andrew Thomas left a bar with his headlights off and was tailed by Paradise police officer Patrick Feaster, who suspected him of drunk driving.

During the drive, Th
... (more)

'They're Kicking Me Out The Door': Rotary Club Cuts Jeb Off During Speech
InfowarsFeb 12

Jeb! just can’t seem to get any respect.

At a rally before the Nashua rotary club in New Hampshire Tuesday, the former Florida governor experienced yet another cringe-worthy moment when he was awkwardly cut off in the middle of a speech.

“They’re kicking me out the door,” Jeb said, confused on why he was being ushered off stage. “They’re kicking me out the door,” he
... (more)

Trump Tells The Truth About Interventionism
InfowarsFeb 12
The neocons are furious with Republican frontrunner Donald Trump. He refuses to call for military interventionism like all the other Republican candidates (with the exception of Rand Paul, who is now out of the race) and says Iraq and Libya are a mess because of American foreign policy.

There is little difference between the parties on foreign policy. Hillary Clinton is as belligerent or more so than her Republican rivals. As Secretary of State she oversaw the destruction of Liby
... (more)

Trump Up +16 in Latest Sc Poll; Leads by +10 With Evangelicals
BreitbartFeb 12

Debate Moderator Gwen Ifill Asks Hillary Clinton If White Americans Have a Right to Feel Resentful
MediaiteFeb 12

During yesterday's Democratic debate, PBS moderator Gwen Ifill asked about white people. Yep, you read that right. After both candidates talked about race relations, Ifill brought up white people and asked, “If working-class white Americans are about to be outnumbered, are already underemployed in many cases, and once study found they are dying sooner, don’t they have a reason to be resentful?”C
... (more)

'Bagged For Life': Comedy Video Mocks UK Bag Tax
YouTubeFeb 12

Always be wary when buying illegal substances on the street..

Comedy Sketch Written by Ben Adams & David Spearing Directed by David Spearing Starring Ben Adams & Stoph Demetriou.

Man Says He Was Fired After Pulling Gun in Gun-Free Zone to Save Woman's Life
InformationLiberationFeb 11
No good deed goes unpunished.

From WJBK:
WARREN, Mich. (WJBK) - A valet attendant who intervened in a stabbing at the General Motors Technical Center in Warren on Wednesday says he has been fired.

Didarul Sarder, an SP+ Valet Supervisor, was heading into work that morning when he heard the cry for help.

"The lady kept saying 'I'm dying, someone help' and it wa
... (more)

Caught On Camera: Preacher Cited by Officer Because It's "Illegal to Offend People"
TheRebelFeb 11

A preacher was cited by the Austin police department at the The University of Texas for 'offending people'.

The police department reportedly received a complaint that the preacher had 'offended' someone by speaking out against STDs and sex.

In the video you can see an officer tell the preacher that offending people is illegal.

According to The Daily
... (more)

Soros: 'Putin Aims At EU Disintegration, Threat From Russia Bigger Than From Jihadi Attacks'
RTFeb 11
American and EU leaders are making a "grievous error" by taking Russian President Vladimir Putin for their ally in the fight against Islamic State, billionaire investor George Soros has stated. Putin's real aim is the EU's disintegration, Soros alleged.

In an opinion piece for, the billionaire stated that "the best way to [cause the
... (more)

Drug Dogs Don't Even Have to Be Right Half The Time to Be Considered 'Reliable' by The Courts
TechdirtFeb 11
All in all, this motion to suppress evidence worked out for the plaintiff, but it does little to address concerns that drug dogs are basically blank permission slips for inquisitive cops.

The defendant -- Emile Martin -- was in a vehicle driven by another person (simply referred to as "Montgomer
... (more)

Oregon Standoff Ends With Last Occupier Surrendering
RTFeb 11
The last four remaining activists occupying a federal wildlife refuge in Oregon hinterlands have surrendered, ending the 41-day standoff with local and federal authorities. One of them held out for two hours, rambling on the internet before surrendering.

David Fry of Ohio, Jeff Banta of Nevada, and Sean and Sandy Anderson of Idaho have insisted they would only surrender if the government did not press charges.

Negotiations over their surrender to the federal age
... (more)

Ticketing For Profit So Rampant, State Lawmakers Forced to Take Action -- Cops Are Furious
The Free Thought ProjectFeb 11
Mantua, UT — The Mayor and Police Chief of a minuscule Utah town is infuriated by a bill that would shut down his lucrative speed trap.

In response to accumulating complaints by residents of the town, State Senator Lyle Hillyard has introduced SB 100, a bill that would res
... (more)

Intelligence Chief Says Smart-Home Devices May Be Used to Spy On You
Police State DailyFeb 11
The U.S. director of national intelligence, James Clapper, has told lawmakers that intelligence agencies could soon use the "Internet of Things" to conduct covert surveillance on the population.

The Internet of Things refers to smart-devices which are embedded with electronics, software, sensors, and network connectivity, that enables them to collect and exchange data and to be sensed and controlled
... (more)

Overcome 'Dark Side': Campaign Urges Residents to Embrace Refugees Launched in Germany
RTFeb 11
As tensions in Germany continue to rise over the refugee crisis, a left-wing group in Berlin has launched a massive campaign urging residents to overcome the "dark side" and embrace new arrivals.

Six hundred giant billboards are expected to go up across the country, and 20,000 stickers and 45,000 postcards will be distributed as part of a campaign launched by a left-wing group called Show Your Face! For an Open Germany.

Slogans on the signs include “Germany, st
... (more)

Germany: Leftist Politician Stabbed Himself 17 Times and Claimed He Had Been Attacked by Right-Wing Extremists
Diversity Macht FreiFeb 11

VIDEO: Out of State Voters and Non-Residents Offered Ballots in New Hampshire Presidential Primary
Project VeritasFeb 11

[Skip to 4:04]

Four years ago, James O’Keefe released a video which showed how easy it would be for people to vote in New Hampshire using the names of deceased people. As a result of that video, New Hampshire changed its voter ID laws. Project Veritas Action revisited New Hampshire during Tuesday’s presidential primary election and again showed how easy it is to cast fraudulent vo
... (more)

Ezra Klein Whines 'The Rise of Donald Trump Is Terrifying'
VoxFeb 11

This Week's Corrupt Cops Stories
StopTheDrugWar.orgFeb 11
It's jail and prison guards gone wild this week! Most did their misdeeds for profit, but at least one did hers for love. Let's get to it:

In New York City, a Rikers Island jail guard was arrested Sunday on charges she smuggled marijuana in to an inmate and had sex with him. Guard Nicole Bartley, 30, went down when a drug-sniffing dog station
... (more)

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