Report: Hillary Clinton Was "Glowing" About Goldman Sachs During Paid Speech
InformationLiberationFeb 09
While Hillary Clinton is refusing to release the transcripts of her speeches to Goldman Sachs and others for which she and her husband were handed millions of dollars, Politico went and found some attendants to two of her Goldman speeches and asked them what they recalled.

Politico reports:
When Hillary Clinton spoke to Goldman Sachs executives and technology titans at a summit in Arizona in October of 2013, she spoke glowingly of the work the bank was doing raising capital and helping create jobs, according to people who saw her remarks.

Clinton, who received $225,0
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Trump & Sanders Win NH Primary...
Hillary Loses Every Demographic Group Except 65+...
Trump Wins Every Demographic Group, No Exceptions...

Julian Assange Warns "A Vote For Hillary Is A Vote For Endless, Stupid War"
InformationLiberationFeb 09
Julian Assange is warning Americans going to the polls today in New Hampshire not to vote for Hillary Clinton, telling them she's a "war hawk ... who gets an unseemly emotional rush out of killing people."

Assange writes:
A vote today for Hillary Clinton is a vote for endless, stupid war.

Hillary didn't just vote for Iraq. She made her own Iraq. Libya is Hillary's Iraq and if she becomes pres
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Norwegian Police Chief Warns Mass Immigration Threatens Civil Unrest
InfowarsFeb 09
The head of Norway's Police Security Service (SSP) warns that the importation of large numbers of migrants who fail to assimilate into western society could spark civil unrest and a groundswell of right-wing extremism.

During a security and defense conference in Sweden, Benedicte Bjørnland s
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Trump: Hillary Clinton Is 'In a Certain Way Evil'
Free BeaconFeb 09

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump called Hillary Clinton evil in no uncertain terms Tuesday morning during a word association game immediately after acknowledging that the Democratic primary frontrunner attended his wedding.

Appearing on MSNBC’s Morning Joe, Trump played a word association game in which co-host Mika Brzezinski read the names of presidential candidates
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New 'Traffic Violations Agency' Brings Buffalo Extortion Racket to All Time High
Police State DailyFeb 09
After Buffalo, New York created its new "traffic violations agency" on July 1 of last year, the city has seen a substantial boon to its extortion racket. With the help of new software, ticketed drivers are now receiving an average of three citations per stop and the city has already moved to suspend the licenses of 4,400 drivers, an official said.

In the last six months of 2015, officers wrote 30,000 tickets, almost 10,000 more than during the same period in 2014. This means
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Trump: Madeleine Albright Statements 'Digsusting,' 'She Should Be Ashamed Of Herself'
InformationLiberationFeb 09

Asked this morning on Fox and Friends what he thought about Madeleine Albright saying there's a "special place in hell" for women who don't vote for Hillary, Trump said her comments were "disgusting," saying "she should be ashamed of herself, and she should apologize."

White Male Student Runs For Exeter Diversity Officer Elections On Anti-SJW Platform
BreitbartFeb 09

Illinois: Cops Lose Case After Hiding Video Evidence
TheNewspaperFeb 09
A motorist accused of drunk driving walked away after cops in Chicago, Illinois refused to hand over video evidence of the incident. In a ruling last month, the Illinois Appellate Court said Richard Moravec was entitled not just to any dashcam videos of his arrest, but also relevant footage from the city's network of surveillance devices known as "police observational devices" or POD cameras.

In 2003, the Windy City installed remote-controlled cameras that could rotate 360 degrees
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Saudi Arabia's 'Religious Police' Arrest Doll Mascot For Breaching Sharia Law
RTFeb 09
A doll mascot has been arrested by Saudi Arabia's Committee for the Promotion of Virtue and the Prevention of Vice for not wearing Islamic dress and disobeying Sharia Law.

The female doll figure, dressed in a floor length blue and white costume and a hair band, was promoting the opening of a sweet shop in the capital Riyadh. Inside the costume however, was a man who was reportedly making inappropriate gestures to his male mascot companion, according to Global Voices.
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Trump Adviser: Race Comes Down to 'Nation-State Versus Globalism'
BreitbartFeb 09

KickAssTorrents Adds Streaming Technology, Warns 'Expect a Bloodshed'
TorrentFreakFeb 09

Government Agents Hunt Woman Down After Seeing Facebook Picture Of Her Rehabilitating Baby Squirrels
InformationLiberationFeb 08
A New Jersey mom was given a $500 ticket and is facing a possible 6 months in jail for helping rehabilitate two baby squirrels.

From WPVI:
HOWELL, N.J. (WPVI) - An animal lover from New Jersey is speaking out against charges she's facing for taking care of baby squirrels.

Maria Vaccarella of Howell said she was only trying to hel
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VIDEO: Americans Express Support When Told Obama Had 'Launched A Preemptive Nuclear Strike On Russia'
InfowarsFeb 08

Activist prankster Mark Dice received some astounding reactions when he hit the streets of San Diego to inform people that President Obama had nuked Russia.

Dice fooled people into believing that a pre-emptive nuclear strike had been carried out as a way of "sending a message to Putin to stop causing problems with the international community."

"I'm not into politic
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Trump On Debate Audience: "They Gave Me 20 Tickets"
InformationLiberationFeb 08

Trump on "This Week" with George Stephanopoulos said he was only given 20 tickets to the latest republican debate.

Florida Cops Unload On Man Holding Gun Fearing Home Invasion After Knock On Door At 1AM, Had Wrong House
Police State DailyFeb 08
A Florida man says officers with the Ocoee Police Department opened fire on the home he shares with his wife and their 12-year-old son after mistakenly responding to a domestic violence call at the wrong residence. The unidentified man said he awoke at around 1 a.m. on Saturday to a loud banging on the door of his Belhaven Falls Drive house and asked who it was, but got no re... (more)

New Pirate Bay Plugin Lets Users Stream Torrents In Their Browser
RTFeb 08
The world’s best known torrent-sharing site, the Pirate Bay, has started to use a new plugin called Torrents Time, which allows users to stream torrents directly in their browsers – the advantage being you don’t need to download anything.

Torrents Time was released at the start of February and can be used with Google Chrome, Firefox or Internet Explorer on either Windows or OS X. At present, the system is in beta.

"By harnessing the incredible abilities of torrents
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Three Reasons to Be Worried About The Economy
Mises InstituteFeb 08
On January 12, America’s central planner-in-chief gave his State of the Union address. The president promised nothing less than to feed the hungry, create jobs, shape the earth’s climate, and make everyone a college graduate. There’s nothing new here, though. We’ve heard variations of this silly song and dance every year under both Democrats and Republicans. The president lambasted naysayers as fear-mongers that were too partisan to admit we have a booming economy. The fact that the Dow Jones cr... (more)

Beyonce Super Bowl Performance Pays Tribute to Black Panthers
BreitbartFeb 08

Politico On Chelsea: Why Is The Press Treating a Wealthy, 35-Yr-Old Political Operative Like She's Still a White House Kid?
PoliticoFeb 08

Mandatory Mental Illness Screening and The Drive to Confiscate Firearms
InfowarsFeb 08
On Sunday in his weekly column Ron Paul discussed a recommendation by the United States Preventive Services Task Force.

The recommendation calls mental health screening of all Americans. "The task force wants to force health insurance companies to pay for the screening. Basic economics, as well as the Obamacare disaster, should have shown th
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Mother of ten-year-old boy raped in Austrian swimming pool by Iraqi who said it was 'a sexual emergency' says she regrets telling her children 'migrants need our help'
The Daily MailFeb 08

Seeing Eye to Eye: Why Psychology is Mostly Garbage
Taki's MagazineFeb 08

Report: Anti-White Agenda Revealed At Github's Diversity Team
BreitbartFeb 08

Financial Despair, Addiction and The Rise of Suicide in White America
The GuardianFeb 08

Why These Obama Voters Are Backing Donald Trump
CNNFeb 08

Utah Fusion Center Warns Cops: Watch Out For Don't-Tread-On-Me Flags
ReasonFeb 08

Leaked Police Files Contain Guarantees Disciplinary Records Will Be Kept Secret
The GuardianFeb 08

Trump is Right: GOP Debate Audience is Packed Full of Republican Donors
InformationLiberationFeb 06
If you ever wondered why the man leading overwhelmingly in the polls gets booed to hell at these republican debates and gets minimal applause and frequent consternation from the audiences, Trump has given us the answer: the audiences are packed full of top republican donors.

Trump in a "drop the mic" type moment pointed this out after members of the audience booed him for supporting eminent domain, "That's all of his donors and special interests out there," Trump said, who note
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Making InformationLiberation Great Again!
InformationLiberationFeb 06
As part of our mission to Make InformationLiberation Great Again I am happy to finally unveil our new website!

The entire layout is updated from top to bottom! The biggest changes besides the layout are we've switched to Disqus for comments. We imported ALL old comments from the previous layout into Disqus. We still have the old system, but I think Disqus is 10x better, there are no annoying captchas and no annoying inability to reply, fancy new upvotes, and you can stil
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Miami Police Retaliate Against Female Driver Who Filmed Herself Pulling Over Cop
InformationLiberationFeb 05

Claudia Castillo posted video of herself pulling over a cop for speeding a week ago on YouTube. The video shortly thereafter racked up over a million views. In response to the controversial video, which has more down-votes than up-votes and people commenting on both sides, the Miami Fraternal Order of Police union president chose to res
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