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Multimedia posted Dec 02 2010, 6:46 PM Category: Commentary Source: YouTube Print

How to Improve Society | Jeffrey A. Tucker

When you go to the market, you can buy whatever food you want, whatever products you want, whatever you want. It doesn't matter what other people want, it doesn't matter if someone else wants to chug down aspartame, you can get your organic food or whatever at a reasonable price. So long as there is a market for products, entrepreneurs will provide them.

Compare that to government.

The only influence we theoretically have in government is through voting. When you go to vote, it doesn't matter what you vote for, the person who is elected gives you what *they* want, not what *you* want.

Voting for a politician is like going to the store and having a stranger fill your cart with goods you don't want, all supposedly to "help" you. Every time you go, half the time you get nothing you want, if you want actual freedom, every time you get nothing you want.

Government provides no one with anything, it's a coercive monopoly producer which produces only poverty and death.

They traffic in stolen goods and give handouts to whoever will help prop up the regime, whether that's the dependent pleb class or the corporate welfare parasites.

They launch wars against everything under the sun to justify their existence, whether it be the war on terror or poverty or drugs or whatever other excuse they give.

They don't solve any of the problems, they create them and turn things into problems where there are none, but that's not the point, they get more power and they get more fake legitimacy with every new war so they can expropriate more wealth and exercise more raw power over others to satisfy their power lust.

Which institution would you rather organize a society around?

The guns of government or the voluntary mutually beneficial exchanges of the market?

I know which I want. - Chris, InfoLib

Presented by Jeff Tucker at "Economics in One Lesson: A Seminar for High School Students," 19 November 2010 in Auburn, Alabama. Sponsored by Anastasia Thiele.

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Posted: Dec 02 2010, 11:35 PM

122108 Once again ... that's way too simplistic. Governments do provide valuable safety nets for those unable to contribute or compete in a capitalist system. They also provide huge amounts of infrastructure for things which may not necessarily be run at a profit. But I do agree they are also the ruiners of many things.

Posted: Dec 03 2010, 1:43 AM

Where do the governments get the money to "provide" those safety nets?

They steal it from the producers. The same people which create all the wealth in society get robbed of their wealth in order to supposedly "help" those who receive their stolen loot.

As to the infrastructure, where does the government get the money to "provide" that infrastructure?

They steal it from the producers. So the same people who supposedly benefit from the infrastructure have their money stolen from them to "help" them.

The assumption in all these cases is people are incapable of acting in their own self-interest. The poor or destitute are "unable to contribute" in a way to provide for themselves, therefor we need to steal from the productive to help them?

Is it not in the self-interest of those who have an abundance of wealth to voluntarily provide charity to others for any myriad of reasons? Is their creation of incredible wealth (through serving consumers) not a service enough?

Why is it the more capitalist countries across the board provide more charity and help the destitute more, whereas the more socialist countries give the least charity and the destitute are the most screwed?

You cannot ignore where the wealth is created in order to provide some bureaucrat with the ability to "do good" with other people's money. Stealing from people to "help" does not create wealth nor prosperity, it's inherently immoral and an act of theft, it empowers a criminal class and makes society poorer and the destitute worse off.

Posted: Dec 03 2010, 8:12 AM

24166 why compare the biggest shitty system of government to the biggest shitty fast food chain? is this a joke? they're both garbage!

Posted: Dec 03 2010, 8:23 AM

24166 p.s. government creates wealthy people like mcdonalds creates health people. jackasses...

Posted: Dec 03 2010, 4:47 PM

122108 You can't leave it up to the free-market to provide for everyone's wants and needs. People want and desire useless crap and the 'non-functional' members of society would be trampled on and forgotten. The environment would be wiped out through unregulated business practices. It is not possible to conceive of a system which functions purely for profit and places a dollar figure on all of our life experiences. No economic supply and demand rationalizations will ever be able to encompass society's full requirements. Maybe you should also broaden your definition of stealing to also encompass the people's exploited labour and interest charged on loans? If you guys think an unregulated free market will fix everything you are less than stupid, you are encroaching on downright evil.
The Comprehender

Posted: Dec 03 2010, 7:01 PM

71114 Wow! Some certifiable dumbasses on here! Amazing.

OK. Government at some level is beneficial. Lets get that out of the way. Below that level it makes things more difficult and above that level it makes things more difficult.

Here is the problem. If the level of government that is needed to be most beneficial is, on a scale of 100, is 10 then that would be the best.

Less than 10 and people hurt that shouldn't. Ooops! I forgot. We have churches to take up that slack. Maybe less than 10 and rural electrification would not have happened because the entrepreneurs couldn't have turned a profit. OK. So 10 it is. They build and maintain the roads and bridges, etc.

Here is the problem: If 10 *is* what we need, what we have is 90!!! We have 9 times the government we need. And, like any organization that grows beyond a certain point, it gets a life of its own and only wants to grow more and its interests become less reasoned for why it was formed and more reasoned for its own self preservation and growth.

Some of you are correct. The free market is not the perfect answer. Sometimes the free market sucks. But, you know what? THERE IS NO WAY IT WILL EVER SUCK MORE THAN AN OVERBEARING, SELF INTERESTED, CORRUPT CENTRAL GOVERNMENT! NEVER!

Everything you can ever point to the free market being "evil" or "environmentally destructive" or "leaving the poor behind" when you consider government at the level we have it, its at least 1000 times worse.

The poor? Yeah, you mean the class of people the government works its ass off to keep poor so they can, essentially, dictate how they vote. Why do you think all the cities have a blue halo around them? Its the poor! They always vote democrat so they can get more. Its fundamental.

If some of you can see these basic precepts and historical basics it means that the article you just read is college level and you're still in kindergarten. Grow up and get a clue. Its probably too late and thats why this crash is going to kill many of you. I feel sad that so many of you can't see what government is and has become. Government is violence against the people. While they help the poor, they also steal from them. While they help the rich, they also handcuff them. Government is violence. ...except to us sovereigns. Get a clue. Until you do, you'll continue in your sheople ways.
Comments 1 - 6 of 6 Page 1 of 1

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