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The Century of the Self: The Untold History of Controlling the Masses Through the Manipulation of Unconscious Desires
The Disappearing Male: From Virility to Sterility

The Obama Deception: The Mask Comes Off
Operation Gladio: The Hidden History of U.S. Sponsored False Flag Terrorism in EuropeThe New American Century: The Untold History of The Project for the New American Century
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- Police Recruiting is Down, Hope for a Free Society is Up
- Your "Duty" to Protect and Serve the Police
- Why Does Anarchy Make Everyone Fill Their Pants in Fear?
- Sheep Led to the Slaughter: The Muzzling of Free Speech in America
- The Mountain of Legal Injustice in the USA
- On Houston Deputy: Cops Who Kill Are Getting Other Cops Killed
- The Government's Tax on Peace of Mind
- Guns, Drugs, and Booze: Why Both Political Parties Love Prohibition
- Vicente Maduro: A New Hero for American Conservatives
- Vester Lee Flanagan, Social Justice Avenger
Tyranny/Police State
Shock Video: Man Dies in Jail Lobby After Encounter With Sheriff's Deputies
The brother of a man who died after an encounter with Dallas County sheriff’s deputies says shocking video footage proves deputies are responsible for his brother’s death. ... (more)
- Texas Sheriff Says You Have To Obey the Police Because Their 'Authority Comes From God'
- Family Fights Back After Government Tries To Confiscate Property Near Area 51
- Cops Caught on Body Cam Saying "Turn it Off" Before Stomping on Handcuffed Man's Face
- The Blue Wall: Stronger Than Ever
- Cop Lied About Being Shot At To Cover Up Car Crash – Town Locked Down, Massive Manhunt Ensues
- VIDEO: Entire Family Arrested, Child Taken by CPS, for Refusing Unlawful Search at Checkpoint
- City Of Peoria Offers $125,000 Non-Apology To Owner Of Twitter Account That Parodied Its Mayor
- Riverside County, California Deputy Falls & Shoots Self While Trying to Kill A Rottweiler
- Trigger-Happy Cop Shot One of His Own and Kept Blasting Away

Meet QT; QE's Evil Twin
There is a growing sense across the financial spectrum that the world is about to turn some type of economic page. Unfortunately no one in the mainstream is too sure what the last chapter was about, and fewer still have any clue as to what the next c... (more)
- Record 94,031,000 Americans Not in Labor Force; Participation Rate Stuck at 38-Year Low for 3rd Straight Month
- Government Permission to Work
- When Government Fails--Venezuela Edition
- "It's A Tipping Point" Marc Faber Warns "There Are No Safe Assets Anymore"
- Ron Paul: Blame the Federal Reserve, Not China, for Stock Market Crash
- Jim Rogers On Trump Scapegoating China For Economic Collapse
- Marc Faber: It Is Time To Sell On The Rallies
- College Towns Join the Mania: The Skyscraper Curse in Auburn
- 'Demi' Canadian Bill Becoming Local Currency in Quebec's Gaspé Region

Big Brother/Orwellian
- Teen Boy Will Be Charged As Adult For Having Naked Pics of a Minor: Himself
- Will Your Car Obey You or the Police?
- Movie Studio & Copyright Troll Claim 'Mere Possession' Of Popcorn Time Is Illegal And Could Result In A Year In Jail
- American Teen Gets 11 Year Sentence For Pro-ISIS Tweets That Taught People How To Use Bitcoin
- Here's How Law Enforcement Agencies Impersonate Your Friends
- Austrian Economics Is Now Equivalent To Terrorism Thanks To Latest Islamic State "Gold Standard" Propaganda Clip
- Windows 10 Automatically Sends Parents Detailed Dossier of Their Children's Internet History and Computer Use
- FDA Says Tobacco Manufacturers Can No Longer Call Additive-Free & Natural Cigarettes Additive-Free & Natural
- Appeals Court Strikes Down Ruling Finding NSA Phone Records Collection Unconstitutional
- City of San Jose Looking To Attach Automatic License Plate Readers To Garbage Trucks

- US Federal Agent Investigating Silk Road Admits $800,000 Bitcoin Theft
- Did The EPA Intentionally Poison Animas River To Secure SuperFund Money?
- Jury Finds Vonore Lesbian Couple Intentionally Set Fire To Home, Claimed It Was Hate Crime
- Assailant In Garland, Texas, Attack Bought Gun In 2010 Under Fast And Furious Operation
- FBI Arrests Florida Man Over Fake Bomb Plot
- The Real Untold Story Of Government's Takedown of Silk Road
- Convicted Terrorist's Brother Claims FBI Targeted, Coerced Him
- Entrapped: Chris Christie and a Manufactured New Jersey Terror Plot
- How Chris Christie Used A Manufactured Terrorist Plot To Boost His Political Career
- DEA Agent Who Stole from Silk Road--and extorted DPR--pleads guilty

Brave New World
- Carly Fiorina Attacked For Saying Vaccinations Should Be Left Up To Parents
- California Mandatory Vaccine Bill SB 277 Signed Into Law By Jerry Brown
- American Medical Association Supports the Elimination of Parents’ Right to Make Vaccine Choices, and California Takes Another Step Toward Medical Tyranny
- Thousands of Teenage Girls Enduring Debilitating Illnesses After Routine School Cancer Vaccination
- Government Wipes Recent Vaccine Injury Data from Website
- California Senate Votes to End Beliefs Waiver for School Vaccinations
- Mexico Cancels Infant Vaccines Nationwide After Two Die
- CA SB277 On Vaccines Moves Toward Disastrous Passage
- CBS: Gardasil Vaccine Can Cause Infection With Higher Risk HPV Strain
- VT Senate Votes To End A Vaccine Exemption

Not 'Serious' and 'Ridiculous': Edward Snowden Unimpressed with Both Trump and Clinton
Though still living under asylum in Russia after leaking a trove of classified intelligence documents to journalists more than two years ago, NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden dipped his toe in U.S. presidential politics during an interview segment... (more)
- Trump Says Burning Flag Should Be Illegal
- Green Energy Co. Honored By Bill Clinton Charged With Running $54M Ponzi Scheme
- Controversial Clinton Ally Trashed 'Alcoholic' John Boehner In Emails To Hillary
- Protesters Have No Free-Speech Rights on Supreme Court's Front Porch
- Hillary's E-mail Defense Is 'Total BS': Former State Dept. Officials
- Ashley Madison Client List Includes Louisiana GOP Executive Director; He Says It Was For 'Opposition Research'
- Dozens Of Clinton Emails Were Classified From The Start, U.S. Rules Suggest
- Trump Calls O'Malley A 'Disgusting, Little, Weak, Pathetic Baby'
- Can the States Seize Control of Federal Lands?

- 'Victory for the People' as Guatemalan President Resigns in Disgrace
- Cocaine Production Plummets After DEA Kicked Out of Bolivia
- Cross-Border Journey To Liberland Reveals Trouble in Libertarian Paradise
- New Human Freedom Index, U.S. Ranks 20th
- Did the U.S. Just Bomb Civilians in Syria?
- Zimbabwe Has Reportedly Lifted The Hunting Ban It Imposed After The Killing Of Cecil The Lion
- US Invasion of Syria: The Deep Breath Before the Plunge
- US Military-Industrial Complex Needs Russia As An Enemy: Ron Paul
- India Lifts Porn Ban After Widespread Outrage
- Study: Hundreds of Civilians Reported Killed in First Year of Coalition Airstrikes

- My Daughter Was Killed On Live TV — I Will Do Whatever It Takes To End Gun Violence
- Reality Check: Is There A Link Between Mass Shootings and Anti-Depressants?
- Trump: The Problem is Not Guns, It is Mental Illness
- Poll: Donald Trump Trounces Jeb Bush
- Pollsters Dumbfounded by Trump
- Virginia Reporter, Photographer Fatally Shot On Live TV
- Donald Trump Confronted by Univision Jorge Ramos on Immigration Plan
- Trump Explains 'The Specifics' Of His Immigration Plan In One Word
- Lew Rockwell & Tom Woods Talk Donald Trump
- Meet The Voters Fueling The Donald Trump Surge

DOJ Says Federal Agents Must Seek Warrants For Stingrays; Forbids Collection Of Communications
Federal law enforcement agencies of America: prepare to get your Stingray house in order. The DOJ has just issued its official guidance for Stingray use and it's full of stipulations that won't make the FBI, DEA or any other participant in a ... (more)
- Armed Teen Shot After Trying to Steal Sunglasses From Man With Concealed Carry License in Detroit
- 87-Year-Old Man Accused of Soliciting a Prostitute Earns Pass From Prosecutor
- Instead Of Shooting Dog That Bit Him, Cop Soothed It
- Jerry Seinfeld Hilariously Trolls Cops After they Shut Down his Son's Lemonade Stand
- Texas Town Fires Police Dept., Hires Private Citizens For Security -- Guess What Happened to Crime?
- New Ferguson Judge Voids 10,000 Arrest Warrants
- Whistleblowers Band Together To Sue FBI, NSA And DOJ For Malicious Prosecution, Civil Liberties Violations
- Denver City Attorney Tells Cops To Stop Arresting Jury Nullification Activists Outside Courthouse
- Hidden Influence: The Rise of Collectivism (2015 Documentary)

- How Technology Can Create Political Change
- A New Record ‘Pause’ Length: Satellite Data: No Global Warming For 18 Years 8 Months
- Adult Movie Outfit is Most Litigious Copyright Plaintiff in U.S.
- It’s Time to Build the Private Web
- Call Off The Bee-Pocalypse: U.S. Honeybee Colonies Hit A 20-Year High
- Here’s How the Lexus Hoverboard Actually Works
- Meta-Study Claims Cell Phone Radiation Linked to Cancer
- What Consensus? Less Than Half Of Climate Scientists Agree With The IPCC “95%” Certainty
- Hillary Clinton Boards Private Jet Hours After Global-Warming Push
- Prince Charles Gives World Reprieve: Extends ‘100-Month’ Climate ‘Tipping Point’ to 35 More Years

- Man Found to Have Been Shedding Virulent Strain of Polio for 30 Years Thanks to Vaccinations
- E-cigarette Industry Funded Experts Who Ruled Vaping Is Safe
- Pesticides In Paradise: Hawaii's Spike In Birth Defects Puts Focus On GM Crops
- Game Developers Face Final Boss: The FDA
- Whooping Cough Vaccination Fail
- E-cigarettes Are 95% Less Harmful Than Regular Cigarettes: Study
- Butter Unlikely To Harm Health, But Margarine Could Be Deadly
- Teen Marijuana Use Not Linked to Later Depression, Lung Cancer, Other Health Problems, Study Finds
- Health Officials Kill Proposal to Curb Mercury Dental Fillings
- Why Is the Federal Government Afraid of Fat?

- 'Faceless Body Belonged to my Sister': Hiroshima, Nagasaki Nuke Survivors Recall Horrors 70 Years on
- 'The Loony Left': 60 Minutes Piece From 80's Takes Fascinating Look At Origin Of Today's 'Social Justice Warriors'
- In Defense of Neville Chamberlain, Hindsight’s Most Battered Punching Bag
- Meet The Locofocos: An Historic American Political Party Which Actually Supported Equal Rights
- Why Ludwig von Mises Admired Sigmund Freud
- What Happened To The Man Who refused To Give A Nazi Salute
- Colombian Army Murdered Thousands of Civilians with the Help of US Tax Dollars
- Secret World War II Chemical Experiments Tested Troops By Race
- How Ty Cobb Was Framed as a Racist
- 'This is America': The Day Police Firebombed West Philadelphia

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Shock Video: Man Dies in Jail Lobby After Encounter With Sheriff's Deputies - 09/04Texas Sheriff Says You Have To Obey the Police Because Their 'Authority Comes From God' - 09/04Cops Caught on Body Cam Saying "Turn it Off" Before Stomping on Handcuffed Man's Face - 09/04VIDEO: Entire Family Arrested, Child Taken by CPS, for Refusing Unlawful Search at Checkpoint - 09/03Family Fights Back After Government Tries To Confiscate Property Near Area 51 - 09/04Cocaine Production Plummets After DEA Kicked Out of Bolivia - 08/28Cop Lied About Being Shot At To Cover Up Car Crash – Town Locked Down, Massive Manhunt Ensues - 09/03Not 'Serious' and 'Ridiculous': Edward Snowden Unimpressed with Both Trump and Clinton - 09/04

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