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Article posted Feb 19 2013, 1:15 PM Category: Tyranny/Police State Source: TSA News Blog Print

TSA Assaults & Traumatizes Three-Year-Old Girl in Wheelchair


I wish I could say that this is a new low for the contemptible thugs in blue for whose equipment and “services” taxpayers pay billions of dollars every year.

Sadly, it isn’t. It’s just par for the course; another Day in Despotism here in the Land of the Meek, Home of the Afraid.

In case you couldn’t bring yourself to watch this indisputable display of abuse — this disgusting mistreatment of a little girl and her family about which her mother and father comment “look at her all dressing like a potential terrorist/drug trafficker; people who roll in on hot pink wheelchairs, wearing a gingerbread coat and clutching a stuffed baby lamb, are just begging to be harassed” — let me itemize the violations and absurdities at hand (perhaps you can identify more; as a mother myself, I’m too upset by what I just watched to further research the laws, statutory and logical):

First, there is the obvious Fourth Amendment violation against unwarranted search and seizure. I don’t care what kind of pretzel logic the TSA twists itself into parroting in order to justify groping a three-year-old in a wheelchair who’s on her way to Disney World: it’s a violation of her Constitutional rights. Period. Full stop.

And this should not stand. Not in the country that calls itself the United States of America. Citizens and residents who accept otherwise should not only be ashamed of themselves, but should, in my opinion, be constantly, and in strenuous terms, be made aware that they’re engaging in a kind of treason against the very freedoms the nation’s founders established (and countless fought for and died to protect), and thus, by extension, debasing the idea of America itself.

Second, travelers are indeed permitted to photograph and/or videotape the so-called “screening procedure” (more accurately, security theatre), including aggressive pat-downs that would be defined as sexual assault in any other context and nude photography of their bodies. The only subject matter exempt from passengers’ freedom-to-document are the screening machines themselves. As shown in the above video, these TSA screeners try to claim otherwise and keep harping on their imagined rule that the passengers can’t record the incident, even as the parents ask them to cite the actual law pertaining thereto.

Third, the tactics here are insensitive and unkind on their face, as well as pointless. Not only is this little girl so obviously terrified to the point of crying out loud, and desperately upset that her comfort toy — her stuffed animal — is being taken away, she is distraught that her parents’ attempts to protect her are being summarily ignored. Imagine how frightening that must be. If indeed the child “alarmed,” the screeners could have resolved the matter by allowing one of the cleared parents to carry her through the metal detector in their arms while they checked her wheelchair for hidden bombs, machetes, or fusilage-piercing grenade launchers.

What will it take for the American public to recognize how wrong this is, all of it, and demand that our so-called leaders put an end to it? Why are citizens not carrying out a full-on economic boycott of the airlines for all non-essential travel? What will it take, if not the unconstitutional persecution of a little child in a wheelchair?

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Posted: Feb 19 2013, 4:42 PM

184157 it is no secret the tsa are jackbooted thugs so why would any parent who loves their children subject them to being raped? what is wrong with a parent who stands by and doesn't defend and protect their child? i blame the parents for being good slaves. obedient slaves. handing their child over to a molester and standing by to watch as the predictable happens.

Posted: Feb 19 2013, 5:51 PM

5089 Sounds like the TSA folks were just as embarrassed and you are overreacting!
We the people

Posted: Feb 19 2013, 7:21 PM

94237 TSA was formed on 2001. It was a bad experiment. Now it's the time to turn down this useless organisation.

Posted: Feb 19 2013, 7:55 PM

687 The asshole cops san diego county sheriff here in Imperial Beach,Ca. do this to people on the street multipule times a day.I,ve gone to jail for seying so.I have proof of many instances and it continues to this day.

Posted: Feb 19 2013, 8:06 PM

67186 There was no probable cause to justify search of that child. That child committed no crime and posed no imminent threat to anyone. The search was neither justified, nor reasonable.

Posted: Feb 19 2013, 10:59 PM

68255 The theory is that you surrender your rights as part of the travel contract. True, you are free to reject the search, but then the airline will not allow you on the flight and will give you back the money for the ticket. TSA will claim that once you have entered "security zone", you can't leave without being searched, and threaten by several thousand dollar fine, but this will not stand. You don't even have to tell them your name.

As for all these "it's illegal to..." (videotape TSA, videotape federal building, videotape a bridge, etc etc.), the best answer is not to even argue whether it's illegal or not, not to ask by what law (TSA or police is not your legal counsel anyway, so asking them about the law does not make any sense and only gives them more room for lying and harassment). The best course is to say simply "ok, so it's illegal; go ahead and arrest me". The conversation will end right there. If it was really illegal and you really violated the law, they would jump to arrest you right away, without any warnings or "if"'s. If they don't, then they can't, so all they can do is lie.


Posted: Feb 20 2013, 7:45 AM

65110 Mission accomplished! America is now a safer place.
Nunya Goddam-Bizness

Posted: Feb 20 2013, 12:56 PM

99132 Anonymous

Posted: Feb 19 2013, 5:51 PM
5089 Sounds like the TSA folks were just as embarrassed and you are overreacting!


The person who posted this? Besides the TSA, THEY are what's wrong with America.


Posted: Feb 20 2013, 12:57 PM

67142 b/s 65110

you see the problem with government, is that they lie to their cops. they even set them up and the poor cops are getting killed by the very government they aim to protect. only, i looked around and realised, it's not the entire government doing this.
some women are even more insane than the men in the government; war-loving, back-stabbing, one is. though she's always there pretending to care, when in reality, she's just a jealous brat, who wants the king's spot.

as for that miss-priss, she's lucky she has the people fooled, because if she were in front of me, i'd kick her ass in real-time. now, leave me the fuck alone you spoiled snot, this is your fault people are dying; you are the ONLY one who is ALWAYS there, when all this shit happens. as for the cop yesterday, i'm sorry, she set me up too.

Posted: Feb 21 2013, 7:40 PM

65110 67142 I was being sarcastic...

Posted: Feb 24 2013, 12:09 PM

7571 That is so terrible why were the parents ignoring her. Hello reality check parents are supposed to protect their children. If the child feels they are being hurt or bring harassed.They need to stop her for being hurt or harassed. I feel this world is falling apart these people think bad is good but obviously bad is bad not good. Those parents need to pay better attention to their daughter and not ignore her. What were they even thinking really seriously people you know what's right you know what's wrong so do what's right.
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