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Analysis posted Nov 03 2011, 3:27 AM Category: Tyranny/Police State Source: InformationLiberation Print

Police Under Fire For Selling "U Raise 'Em, We Cage 'Em" T-Shirt Picturing Child Behind Bars

Chris | InformationLiberation

Unfortunately, Sacramento police made the "mistake" of letting the public know how they actually view them.

From The Sacramento Bee:
T-shirts sold by the Twin Rivers Police Officers Association have this message: "U raise 'em, we cage 'em," surrounding a picture of a young child behind bars.

On Monday, community leaders and child advocates said the T-shirts are highly offensive and could validate feelings of mistrust for the Twin Rivers' school police force. The agency has been under intense scrutiny over complaints it has overstepped its authority.

"There is nowhere on the planet where it is OK to wear a shirt like this," said Ed Howard, senior counsel for the University of San Diego's Children's Advocacy Institute, after seeing the image of the shirt.

The quote and picture is on the back of the shirt. The Twin Rivers Police Officers Association logo is on the front.

Twin Rivers police union President Arlin Kocher, an officer in the department, said the union came up with the shirts in 2009 to raise funds for the families of fallen officers.
How cute.

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Posted: Nov 03 2011, 4:30 AM

in the false matrix the most profitable thing is the lie.

with the web people have been able to trigger questions within their own minds. media and education are pumping out lies and liars, the entire field of power politics and associated slave systems stuffed with lies.

this t shirt is very different, it is telling the truth.

ritual sacrifice is routine via the media, both simulated and real. announcements are made that some monster has been named and shamed and jailed, the red tops literally using the term 'caged'. in plain view capital punishment is carried out in british prisons if the truth is an important truth for deception of the masses and the mobs on which false prophets depend. everyone is shown this albeit submliminally by the media and it is normal to participate in the sacrifices by silence.

ritual sacrifices to the gods, destruction of the people who are part of the conspiracy and trauma for captive minds to keep them closed.

i would think a lot more than 99% of people are enslaved by lies and their consequences than anything else.

Posted: Nov 03 2011, 5:48 AM

216130 Idiots. They can't even come up with a decent rhyme.

I much prefer...You raise 'em, we taze 'em. Has a more poetic tone...dontcha think?

Seriously tho...this is a prime example of an institution that a) is apparenly, as a whole, suffering from aspergers...and b) without fear of reprisal or sanction.

Frightening no matter how you slice it.

Posted: Nov 03 2011, 5:59 AM

>>"I much prefer...You raise 'em, we taze 'em. Has a more poetic tone...dontcha think?"


Posted: Nov 03 2011, 10:13 AM

you gotta give them bonus points for honesty

Posted: Nov 04 2011, 5:23 AM

that is honesty, as per kindergarten cop and rookie cop as in r/l with phone 101 for division in britland. as per the 1984 script, it is nearly all psychological except that the police do take people way and the lawyers are having a last supper on a global scale too.

for central banking, there is a harvest in progress, the contradiction of a bumper crop with a race to ground zero for the slaves.

as for sugarcandy mountain, mi6 have a new movie:

Posted: Nov 04 2011, 9:30 AM

as for honesty, dressing in black is a clue.

i say to a man here is your badge, you now work in matrix security. in exchange for the man's life and his authority, he gets a badge, official recognition. i give him weapons that he doesn't look stupid if someone calls in the bluff and a radio that other gang members can join in. thereafter, i can reward him for loyalty, ie not doing what he thinks he should.

next week i say to the man here is your new boss, interpol, locally you are to know it as fbi and up goes the pyramid. owning a mans authority means the dictator is free to build the pyramid.

the week after i say to the man, here is your new boss, special agent field marshall special ops global task force x. so it goes on, all created out of obedience.

the cop goes to work as a slave, within a few months he knows what the game is as gamekeeper. it is about power and he does the dirty work for the dictatorship risking all on the front line of the con. in so doing the cop feels incriminated by his own life just as a home office con in the UK known as the criminal records bureau was set up to enslave everyone else. the dictatorship is history, people have the choice not to be.

thus it was on the streets of atlanta i met a man with documents for dmv in his hand. he had just been released for prison after the police and courts convicted him of stealing his own car as he was only now able to prove. that is the beauty of fantasy land, what is impossible if lies are protected by hired guns. as for the man, he was waiting at a feeding centre later to meet internal affairs (more cops), who would i presume at best offer him just ice.

this yet people wonder how a large conspiracy like 'the republic' can happen, heck they even wish for the thing. people deny what they see until they believe in the mask rather than their true selves. such is the trick of religion (re-attachment), you have them believe in authority beyond themselves.

Posted: Nov 04 2011, 9:45 AM

how the judicial mafia works was covered on this site, the stanford prison experiment where the write up said the university tried to continue the 'experiment' to oblivion with help of the local police but they refused. above the front end of the dictatorship the universities like churches before them mass produce compartmentalised nuts. leland stanford being one of the supporters of eugenics where you openly execute those people who are unsuitable for the dictatorship via the usual game of saying they are somehow beneath contempt or in the case of universities as is practice nowadays in the name of science.

in atlanta it was the dictator's dream, nothing happened without a police escort, digging a hole in the road had to be supervised. at the higher level of the company, the UK, the company with majority stock in the IMF and a whole fistful of banks were in the ivory tower. a federal building with their counterparts in the reich, homeland security just a corridor away. when there i heard one of their operatives wanting explosive doors (as per the movies) to one presumes protect them from their fears which is actually to court catastrophe.

in britland the police state is as per the 1984 plan; in your face. i am self programmed to bust such nonsense. by self programmed i refer to the human condition. it is one of those things they do to control people, have people fear freedom. well here is the thing, if you have a free mind you can see and this means you have limits to what you do. with a dictatorship, those that accept remote authority are likely to do what the dictator requires, the dictators in most instances far away from the field of conflict. how can you reason with someone who doesn't have their own mind? i try to give them their own mind hence these posts.

if the right atmosphere could be created, mainly by the media and police action, people get murdered off as the bunker mentality of the cowardice within the corporation is systematic, people wanting the very protection of group that gets us all into a mess in the first place.

Posted: Nov 04 2011, 9:55 AM

one chap i met in arizona had used what is called law (but isn't) to challenge back for what it had done to his life. from jail he became the jailhouse laywer and as a consequence the prison was losing livestock which is not only bad for business it risks the whole game. the chap showed me his scars, they had him shot 6 times while in prison as i remember.

he survived and invoked more of the 'law' to force the state to take control of the prison. unfortunately all those games are about cheating and since that time he has been kidnapped again for what is sometimes called 'the queen's peace'. as for the 'queen's peace' it is part of that authority game, to trick people out of their authority, you ask them to sacrifice not for their benefit but for a god (or the common good of the common gods). in the case of hm gov, it seems they inherit the gravy train and having dug their own hole have an attachment to lies like no other. we are told about various ministers are running around the world, g something meetings, fantasy stuff about economies. that is all madness.

Posted: Nov 04 2011, 10:15 AM

it can confuse people when if things can't logically work but exist, how could they be true? just like people miss the elephant in the room. central banking works simply because people believe in it despite being one of the biggest cons one could put on this plant.

i say this having used the term madness, there is meaning in the madness. for example hm gov not long back suddenly said people would get a couple of grand for their car if they traded it in and bought a new car. so the gov is now a car salesman, would allocate people's money to buying cars in return for selling a new one. how does that work?

there was a huge car showroom in bridgend, i asked the guy how he had such an expensive stock. he said it wasn't his the banks owned it. with a new car is a few hundred pounds new to make, yet gov was paying £2000 for people's old cars. people are then sold a new finance package that they are paying compound interest on a high rate for a car of say cost price £300 and retail say £15,000 plus interest plus interest on interest plus numerous other interests.

can you imagine sticking a few secret society people in gov, it is the police that keeps them inline. it doesn't stop there, there is , fuel tax, road tax, insurance, tolls, if anything moves or doesn't in go the hits. the slave system is like a shooting gallery if you see society from outside the provided blinkers.

for the common good you are led to believe it is better not to drink and drive. a drunk driver is unlikely to start an international war, a drunk driver is likely to be blamed for a crash even when not but if one makes an exception to freedom and substitues a vengeful god, the dictator is laughing all the way to the bank.

economists will talk about inflation and such stuff. bunk, there is an elephant in the room.

Posted: Nov 05 2011, 2:14 AM

17425 Why not shove those t shirts right up the assess of those union thugs? By the way what in the fuck are you previous douchebag posting faggots blathering about? Actually I would personnaly like to take a crow bar to the fuck who actually designed the fckn thing and after beating him near coma ask him if it represented his kid would he think it was so G-damn funny.

Posted: Nov 05 2011, 8:34 AM

the t shirt is telling the truth. such is the nature of life on earth lies are lapped up, truth is unspoken. microsoft windows is a trojan, that is disguise, reality allows people to react to what is rather than what is presented by tavistock fronts in various 'crisis management' guises.

the studies of darwin, galton and most of academia is for the purpose of policing. i commented recently on how the uk's USAF had so much telemetry it hadn't been able to analyse how to use it all to assault and control people. patterns are looked for, with information the media can run programmable resonance, play people like a musical instrument.

in those studies behind various mind control presentations has been the search for the ultimate predator, the ultimate disease, in essence an Übermensch program. on of the things i noticed in the AI implementation of this was policing in britland, the tactics being deployed by police for example ran swarming, small numbers of uniforms would converge from different directions. in exeter they were continously targeting the homeless. when i was one of the targets of automated predatory attack it broke up because members of the public approached.

at the start of ww4 a new layer was brought down into public view in britland as running the police. publicly it was interpol, a global political front that was caught setting up child protection centres and raping the kids. i say this as there are many ways of creating puppets, compromising or taking the most compromising people and giving them official status is the historical and current norm.

in america, there is a relaxed view on letting people know who some of their captors are and the fbi is a household name, even in official dialogue, sabotage and terrorism are openly mentioned as methods and aims of that branch, it is cuthroat business and there is barely any disguise. one can hardly disguise a hollacaust like waco though cons require denial of truth and truth was stuck in lead boots until the web came along though publicly soca is leading the internet assaults.

in britain they called it soca and ceop. fronts were set up for an organisation meant to be everywhere and nowhere. spooks are called spooks for a reason and officially the powers were unlimited. noticing occult mafia designations i posted on this site what i thought was the top level metaprephysics for this naming, it seemed obviously correct: so(h)ca(h) - trig and c(h)eop as in big pyramid, not a small thing to say as people are not told who they are really working for. a company known as UK announced via their media and gov that it was to rename SOCA, to set up two new layers but i heard this has been shelved on account of cost. quite likely it would mean too much reprogramming, for example if cops were labelled microsoft tomorrow (same company) they would question their own authority and the fear matrix would break down.

often when the mafia are routed the solution is to rebrand indeed at this stage of the game most of what people see by way of corporate power is just a a franchise operation most assets being cashed in. the british government, the media and police have been routed, the police can hide in various crisis management roles but government, if that deception is rebranded it folds.

Posted: Nov 05 2011, 9:03 AM

the rookie, california mayor and standby president clint.

fiction is repackaged reality, the capers of power politics including their real life players are presented in movies though that doesn't necessarily mean they know that. as i remember the film it had 'walk down and f*k 'em all' as the key line and what is passed on from cop in the know to the rookie who succeeds him.

Carlos Irwin Estevez (charlie sheen) and clint eastward in a centre of the crown's technocratic development; california:

the paradigm people are typically given by parents, education, media and the fronts that surround them would render people blind as to how to interpret what is presented in 'fiction'. the message implementation in that film was explicit, have them fight and f*k em.
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