Robbers Put Gun to Child's Head and Steal Hoverboard
10TV ColumbusJan 21

Oberlin President Tells Complaining Students to Take a Hike
The Daily CallerJan 21

Florida: Accidents Increase At Red Light Camera Locations
TheNewspaperJan 21

MSNBC Guest: Trump's 'Alt-Right' Fans 'Childless Single Men Who Masturbate to Anime'
MediaiteJan 20

It's fair to say Republican strategist Rick Wilson is not a fan of Donald Trump, and tonight.. boy did his comments about Trump's rabid fans go to a weird place.

Wilson talked to Chris Hayes about a very specific section of Trump's fans; not his mainstream s
... (more)

Milo Yiannopoulos Vs. Hysterical Feminists
YouTubeJan 20

Three 'Foreign Looking' Men Awarded €600 Each After Being Denied Entry to Austrian Nightclub
RTJan 20
Three men of "foreign" appearance have each been awarded €600 (US$656) after a bouncer at a nightclub in Vienna turned them away because of the way they looked. Five of their friends were awarded a smaller sum after complaining and being told to leave.

A litigation team determined on Wednesday that the three men were refused entry into the club on Vienna's Gürtel ring road solely because of their appearance, after the bouncer said they looked like “people who cause problems.”
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Portland Community College Refutes 'Whiteness-Shaming' Claims, Insisting Whiteness History Month Will 'Educate Students'
The IndependentJan 20

50% Say Race Relations in America Getting Worse
Rasmussen ReportsJan 20

Trump: "We're Going to Protect Christianity"
YouTubeJan 19

Trump speaks at Liberty University.

Amy Schumer Can't Take a Joke: Humiliates 17 Year-Old Film Critic
BreitbartJan 19

Spike Lee Boycotts Oscars, Compares Himself to Martin Luther King, Jr.
BreitbartJan 19

"I'm With You Brother!" -- Clinton Supporters Sign Petition to REPEAL the Bill of Rights
InfowarsJan 18

Supporters of Democrat presidential candidate Hillary Clinton eagerly signed a fake petition calling for a repeal of the Bill of Rights, in a video highlighting the mindlessness of the average Clinton voter.

"Hillary Clinton has announced a plan to help repeal the Bill of Rights for the New World Order and progress America and help with the government," media analyst and social pr
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Jake Tapper to Trump: When Ted Cruz Says "New York Values," Does He Really Mean "Jews"?
RealClearPoliticsJan 18

Donald Trump defended "New York values" after Ted Cruz's attacks and again questioned Cruz's citizenship in an interview with Jake Tapper.

JAKE TAPPER: There are some observers out there who think that when Ted Cruz talks about "New York Values, he's talking about something else, in their view, "ethnics," Jews. What do you think he means?

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Milo Yiannopoulos Vs Emotional Liberal On Donald Trump
YouTubeJan 18

New York Police Say Assailants Chanted 'ISIS' While Beating Man
ReutersJan 18

Donald Trump & Ted Cruz Debate 'New York Values'
InformationLiberationJan 15

The Trump cannot be stumped...

Trump More Than Doubles National Lead in NBC/WSJ Poll
NBC NewsJan 15

VIDEO: Donald Trump Does Dramatic Reading of 'The Snake'
YouTubeJan 14

At a campaign stop in Cedar Falls, Iowa, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump uses a dramatic reading of Al Wilson’s 1968 song to warn of the dangers of taking in refugees from Syria. “The Snake” tells the story of a trusting woman who invites a snake into her home and saves it from the cold, but is later tricked and bitten by it.

Professional Atheist Dawkins Says Christianity 'Bulwark Against Something Worse'
BreitbartJan 14

Man Called 'White Boy' Before Brutal Attack in South Memphis
WREGJan 12
MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- A 23-year-old, Graham Patton, has both eyes blacked out, his nose swollen and bandages all over his face following an attack in South Memphis.

"I mean he doesn't even look like the same person at all," Neysa Anderson, the victim's stepsister, said.

Police said the attack happened on Tuesday, Jan. 5, at the Pendleton Pines Apartments near Pendleton and Ketchum.

According to officers, Patton took a walk outside around 11 p.m. when two
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Constable Serving Eviction Order Fires At Armed Tenant, Bullet Passes Through Man's Arm & Kills His 12-Yr-Old Daughter
The Daily MailJan 12

Durham University Student Cleared of Rape and Sexual Assault
The Daily MailJan 12

VIDEO: Americans Mindlessly Follow Orders, Hand Over Personal Details to a Complete Stranger
InfowarsJan 11
Social activist Mark Dice hit the street in San Diego to carry out an experiment to see how many Americans would mindlessly follow his orders and hand over personal details without question if he assumed a position of authority.

Dice approached random people and with no explanation other than "it's a new program," asked for a list of personal information including their name, address, birth date, where they bank and so on.

The results were shocking.

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On Real ID, DHS Caves Once Again
Cato @ LibertyJan 11
After menacing states across the country this fall, the Department of Homeland Security has once again caved on threats to enforce REAL ID by denying Americans their right to travel.

This afternoon, DHS Secretary Jeh Johnson put out a press release backtracking on agency claims that the Transportation Security Administration would turn away air travelers from states that don't
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Philly High Schooler Gets Lesson in Hate After Penning Column On Missouri Race Friction
Fox NewsJan 11

Lawsuit: UVA Student’s Crush On A Friend Was Root Of Fake Rolling Stone Gang Rape Story
Daily CallerJan 11

Muslim Woman Fined After Lying About Being Attacked For Wearing Hijab
Daily ExpressJan 11

CNN Poll: Majority Oppose Use of Executive Actions For Gun Control
BreitbartJan 08

Bill Would Allow 18-Year-Olds to Drink in N.H.
Sea Coast OnlineJan 08

NJ High Schooler Called to The Principal's Office "For Being Anti-Israel" On Twitter
GothamistJan 08

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